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MOOOKA Silicone handsfree breast pump + Non Spill Base

MOOOKA Silicone handsfree breast pump + Non Spill Base

Moooka Silicone Hands-Free Breast Pump 

Let us help take the hassle out of breastfeeding your baby, simply position the breast pump on your breast, squeeze the pump to create a suction and then let go - Nothing else is needed- let the breast pump do all the work for you! Completely hands and hassle free. Get as many as 100+ml per feed without doing anything.

Moooka breast pump is made from 100% medical grade silicone and is heat resistant, dishwasher friendly and eco friendly. It is only 15cm x 6cm which makes the Moooka hands-free breast pump the perfect travel companion, in the car, at work or whilst at home.

- Perfect to relieve engorgement
- Easy to use - no manual pumping required
- Eco friendly - safe for mom, baby and the environment
- Soft silicon suction - no batteries or cables required
- Made from 100% medical grade silicone
- Dishwasher friendly
- 100ml capacity (measurements are to be used as a guide only and can vary)
- Small and lightweight - perfect for travel

Moooka Non-Spill Base

- This non-spill base can be used with the Moooka Silicone Hands-Free Breast Pump.
- Simply place your Moooka pump into the non-spill base and secure your precious milk.

What's in the box
1 x Moooka Hands-Free Silicone Breast Pump (incl. Lid)
1 x Moooka Non-Spill Base
  • Special

    If your total order is over R1000 (including a moooka) you receive a FREE Moooka cooler bag

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