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YML Protein Collagen Whey Blend Shake 320g

YML Protein Collagen Whey Blend Shake 320g

A smooth and easy-to-drink Whey Blend collagen protein shake to help meet your daily nutritional goals to ensure optimal development for mom and baby from the first day of pregnancy and throughout your breastfeeding journey.

Our Collagen Whey Protein Blend is Halal.
  • Why use this shake?

    During Pregnancy:

    •Reduced pregnancy cravings

    •Promotes healthy fetal growth and development

    •Helps reduce stretch marks

    •Boost Energy Levels

    •Help ease ligament, joint & muscular pain

    During Breastfeeding:

    •Better & Faster Cell repair after birth

    •Reduces Hunger and sugar cravings

    •Complete meal on the go

    •Breastmilk production

    •Increased nutritional value in breastmilk

    •Post workout recovery

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